Sunday, January 22, 2012

nail files

images source: pinterest

 i couldnt think of anything better than getting a mani, pedi and maybe throw in a 10 minute massage.  but sometimes its also nice to sit home, hang out with the pooch and attempt to get your right hand looking as great as your left with a diy mani.  i added some inspirational pictures of how to add some layers and oomph into your nails.

all of these deco shapes and lines can be done by just using tape.  cut out any shape you want and put it over a base layer.  give it two coats to make sure you cant see the base color coming through.  peel the tape off while the polish is still damp or else the polish will dry and rip up the base coat along with the tape. throw on a good top coat (always splurge on a good top coat) and voila! everyone will be asking where you got that done!

 background image source: spoonflower


Nettan said...

yay thats so cool.. definately trying that out x

DC2NY said...

that's a really unexpected nail art!Thank you for sharing!
I will definitely try it.

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