Friday, April 13, 2012

tara and evy

tara&evy stackable bracelets

a decorated arm full of conversational bracelets and big faced watches are on the top of everyones wants and needs list.  i find myself eyeing wrists of everyone walking by or sitting near me, wondering where they got certain cute bracelets and the story behind them.  tara swed, the designer behind tara&evy, has a piece for everyone, especially for those decorating their wrists with colorful and distinctive bracelets.  each piece has its own eclectic and eye catching detail.  i had the pleasure of interviewing her and seeing her collection.  it has grown in the past year, and i am excited to see what she has in store for us next.  these pieces can be found in specialty boutiques around the us, including ny stores; mixology, 25 park and  periwinkle blue.  she also has a website- where you can inquire about a certain color or gem stone or pick from the amazing selection she has already.  

Q.  How did you get the idea to start making your own jewelry?

 A.  I've been making jewelry since I was 5 years old. I used to make string and lanyard bracelets for all my friends and family. It has always been a passion. 

Q  Where do you get the inspiration for the colors and styles you use?
A.  I get inspired from everywhere and anything. From the hottest new trends in magazines to designs or just interesting things that I see on the streets in NYC or when I travel abroad. 

Q.  What are your favorite pieces that you have made?

 A.  My favorites are the classic gemstone bracelets with gold or silver nuggets. They are great to pack on your wrist and totally versatile in style. 

Q.  Is there one piece in your collection that you think every woman should own?

A.  Everyone woman should have stackable beaded bracelets that they can mix and match with any outfit.  They go with almost everything and can totally spice up an outfit. 

Q.  How does your personal style influence your jewelry?

A.  I like clothing that I can mix and match and dress up or dress down. In turn, I create jewelry that is meant to do the same - it can be worn with your most simple outfits to your most extravagent dresses.

tara&evy seen on whitney port

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Paris part duex

the sights were amazing in paris (i especially loved these little tile monsters hidden on buildings all over).  however, shopping and dining were the highlight of our trip.  hidden outside the main streets, where zara and hm are home to, you can find unique jewelry, antiques and local designers' boutiques.  each disctrict has there own distinct shopping:

1. Louvre, Tulieries and Le Halles  (1st Arr)
      Versace, Hermes and YSL can be found in this area, along with other high end fashion designers.  dont miss the beautiful shopping boutiques along the jardin du palais royal, this was my favorite shopping spot in the 1st arr.  shops include linda farrah, marc jacobs and a dont miss boutique- didier ludot.  didier ludot has two vintage shops next to each other on the strip, one for all vintage "little black dresses" and another full of amazing vintage jewelry, coats and furs.  it was hard to pull away form the chanel necklaces and dior furs.


palais royal

didier ludot

Best Italian (if you want a change from French):
 Olio Pane Vino
after having way too much beef the night before we decided to try italian.  we were gracously greeted by the owner, an italian native.  he was warm and welcoming, i felt finally at home.  entrees on the blackboard change daily, depending on what their delivery of the day is.  we tried one of everything and not one dish disappointed.  

2.  The Marais (4th arr)
     eclectic and unique jewlery can be found here. marais is very laid back and has a hipster vibe to it.  one of the best areas to find great places to dine at night or have lunch and people watch.  

Best Steak Frite: 
Le Relais de l'Entrecote
  only a two minute wait and we were seated in a cute intimate table in the corner.  no menus, but we were asked how we liked out steak cooked which was written on our table.  before we knew it we were being served steak in an amazing sauce and frites on the side.  while we were all finishing our meals and chatting about our first day, we see our waitress bring over a second serving of our delicious steak and frite.  tres magnifique! they need to open one of these in ny!

3.  St. Germain (6th arr)
     my favorite part of paris would have to be st germain.  we ended up here every day just to walk around and see what we could find.  up and coming designers rent out shops in the area to keep their costs down, but everyone else's curiosity up.  this area is known for its bohemian feel and the streets are small and windy which gives it more of an intimate feel.   two famous places to go and dine or have drinks are le duex magots and brasserie lipp.

Best Macaroon:
we went here everyday, along with visiting their main store in champs- elysees.  by far the best macaroon that you will ever put in your mouth, i highly recommend coming here.  if you can make it to paris, they opened a store on the upper east side in nyc!  my favorite was the rose water and even brought home the rose water marshmellows.  i cant say enough about these sweet treats.

laduree st germain

4. St Ouen Flea Market in Porte de Clignancourt 
the most anticipated part of our trip was this flea market.  we read up on it and were ready to spend some serious euros on vintage chanel and louis.  after taking the metro to clignancourt we went on a hunt for the biggest flea market in paris, with over 2000 stalls.  after going through hundreds of fake nike and rhianna t-shirt selling stalls we stumbled upon a side road with antique furniture.  if i could redecorate and ship every piece i found back to ny without it costing an arm and a leg, i wouldn't hesitate.  its a furniture shoppers paradise.  after browsing through old mirrors and varnished silverware, we stumbled upon chanel scarves, hermes ties and vintage louis luggage.  it was parisian heaven.  we struck up a deal with one vendor to buy a chanel necklace and louis duffel package.  its key to talk these people down, because they will break sooner or later.  

until we meet again paris....

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Paris part un

sorry about the flatline in posts, i was only in paris..... beautiful 75 degree weather, great friends, amazing vintage finds and of course good eats; i couldnt have asked for anything else. 

the city has so many sights and stories to see and tell.  for the amount of time i was there, i think i got my fair share of it.  we had no plan no itineraries nor rhyme or reason of our trip, we figured we would just wing it and that was the best plan of them all.  we saw every tourist attraction there was and shopped every where possible.  now i can see where the term carpe diem comes from.

stairs to sacre-coeur

Dont Miss:

Eiffel Tower:  walk up the stairs to the second level, dont waste your time on the longest line in paris just to get on the elevator.  have a drink and take in the city.
Notre Dame:  so beautiful and to think they wanted to tear it down.  the stained glass is enough to take your breathe away.
Sacre-Coeur: this white domed cathedral sitting on top of a mountain gives the best views of paris once at the top.  
Louvre Museum:  the largest museum can not be missed.  this is home to mona lisa, you have to atleast say hello to her.
Lock Bridge: this bridge connects the louvre to st germain.  lovers from all around the world bring their locks and secure their love here.  

After mastering the metro, it was so easy to get around this city.  there is plenty of walking to be done but its so much better knowing a metro is somewhere close.  these are much easier to understand than ny subways and each station is decorated differently. 

stained glass in notre dame

 stairs going up the eiffel tower

view from the eiffel tower


lock bridge

 the louvre pyramids

 hey girl

food and shopping to follow...

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

spring ceviche

the first day of spring didnt disappoint new york yesterday.  time to pack up your long winter coats and fur inserts and take out your sandals and maxis.  besides fashion being in the front of my mind, food comes in a close second.  nothing screams warm weather to me than fresh ceviche.  its time for bbqs and picnics and here is a dish to impress everyone.  

1/2 cup diced cucumbers
half of a small onion or two shallots minced
1 lb fresh tuna or salmon chopped
1/4 cup chopped cilantro
2 tablespoons fresh lime juice
1 tablespoon rice vinegar
2 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil
2 tablespoons capers, rinsed
Fresh ground pepper

sprinkle salt over diced cucumbers and let them sit for about 15 minutes, this gets all the excess water out of them.  while the cucumbers are sitting mince your onions and put them in a bowl of cold water and cover for five minutes, this tames the bite and mellows out the flavor.  rinse cucumbers and onion and drain on a paper towel.  

in a nice size bowl, toss cucumbers, onions, fish,  cilantro, capers, lime juice, rice vinegar and olive oil together.  season with salt and pepper.  chill until ready (not too long though, the acidity from the lime juice will start to cook the fish.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Brow to the Queen

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sunglasses are an accessory that can reshape your face as well as your outfit.  there are so many styles, colors, shapes and textures out there, its hard to have just one.  in an earlier post, i showed my favorite cat eye sunglasses.  i cant believe i left these out which is why i want to dedicate a post to them.  a good friend of mine showed me these and i just cant get them out of my head.  i need these badly and will be on the hunt for them.  prada had them hit the runway in their 2010 fall / winter show.  the cat eye shape gives them a retro feel, while the colored brow puts a modern twist on them.  sunglasses or eyeglasses, these are amazing.  

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

on the street Paris Fashion Week

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spring is in the air this week during fall 2012 paris fashion week.  prints are bold, neons are in your face and furs are blowing in the wind.  if its one street style to watch for fashion week, paris is the best,  in my opinion.  i cant wait to walk to streets of paris in three weeks!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

shelf help

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bookshelves are always a great conversation piece.  i love walking into a place with bookshelves covered in personal pictures, nik naks, souvenirs from far away places and of course....books.  these are some of my favorite bookshelves, that use different and interesting combinations of book and shwag.  changing up your bookshelves is always a great way of updating a room.