Friday, April 13, 2012

tara and evy

tara&evy stackable bracelets

a decorated arm full of conversational bracelets and big faced watches are on the top of everyones wants and needs list.  i find myself eyeing wrists of everyone walking by or sitting near me, wondering where they got certain cute bracelets and the story behind them.  tara swed, the designer behind tara&evy, has a piece for everyone, especially for those decorating their wrists with colorful and distinctive bracelets.  each piece has its own eclectic and eye catching detail.  i had the pleasure of interviewing her and seeing her collection.  it has grown in the past year, and i am excited to see what she has in store for us next.  these pieces can be found in specialty boutiques around the us, including ny stores; mixology, 25 park and  periwinkle blue.  she also has a website- where you can inquire about a certain color or gem stone or pick from the amazing selection she has already.  

Q.  How did you get the idea to start making your own jewelry?

 A.  I've been making jewelry since I was 5 years old. I used to make string and lanyard bracelets for all my friends and family. It has always been a passion. 

Q  Where do you get the inspiration for the colors and styles you use?
A.  I get inspired from everywhere and anything. From the hottest new trends in magazines to designs or just interesting things that I see on the streets in NYC or when I travel abroad. 

Q.  What are your favorite pieces that you have made?

 A.  My favorites are the classic gemstone bracelets with gold or silver nuggets. They are great to pack on your wrist and totally versatile in style. 

Q.  Is there one piece in your collection that you think every woman should own?

A.  Everyone woman should have stackable beaded bracelets that they can mix and match with any outfit.  They go with almost everything and can totally spice up an outfit. 

Q.  How does your personal style influence your jewelry?

A.  I like clothing that I can mix and match and dress up or dress down. In turn, I create jewelry that is meant to do the same - it can be worn with your most simple outfits to your most extravagent dresses.

tara&evy seen on whitney port

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