Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Paris part un

sorry about the flatline in posts, i was only in paris..... beautiful 75 degree weather, great friends, amazing vintage finds and of course good eats; i couldnt have asked for anything else. 

the city has so many sights and stories to see and tell.  for the amount of time i was there, i think i got my fair share of it.  we had no plan no itineraries nor rhyme or reason of our trip, we figured we would just wing it and that was the best plan of them all.  we saw every tourist attraction there was and shopped every where possible.  now i can see where the term carpe diem comes from.

stairs to sacre-coeur

Dont Miss:

Eiffel Tower:  walk up the stairs to the second level, dont waste your time on the longest line in paris just to get on the elevator.  have a drink and take in the city.
Notre Dame:  so beautiful and to think they wanted to tear it down.  the stained glass is enough to take your breathe away.
Sacre-Coeur: this white domed cathedral sitting on top of a mountain gives the best views of paris once at the top.  
Louvre Museum:  the largest museum can not be missed.  this is home to mona lisa, you have to atleast say hello to her.
Lock Bridge: this bridge connects the louvre to st germain.  lovers from all around the world bring their locks and secure their love here.  

After mastering the metro, it was so easy to get around this city.  there is plenty of walking to be done but its so much better knowing a metro is somewhere close.  these are much easier to understand than ny subways and each station is decorated differently. 

stained glass in notre dame

 stairs going up the eiffel tower

view from the eiffel tower


lock bridge

 the louvre pyramids

 hey girl

food and shopping to follow...

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