Wednesday, January 11, 2012

metallic branches diy

inspiration can come from anywhere.....nature, magazines, paintings, fashion, pictures, songs.....  if i see something in a magazine ill tear it out, if i see something outside ill take a picture of it, if i hear something i like i write it down.  you never know when and where a good idea will come from.  

i love looking at visual displays in stores.  these are created by a very talented group of people to attract and inspire consumers.  i got the idea of the metallic branches from anthropologie's rock center store in ny last december.  below are some pictures i took to give me ideas of colors, shapes and arrangements.  

i asked my dad to help me out and search for the right branches (in particular birch since nature is ever so kind to start you off with a white canvas) after getting together enough sticks (10-15) i pruned them up so there were no stray twigs shooting out.  i sprayed each stick differently; lighter on some and heavier on others.  i liked how copper, silver and gold were used in the display so i switched off between these colors and also left some natural to add in the mix.  paint these in an open space with lots of air....

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Anonymous said...

Looks so good, and simple to attempt as well.