Wednesday, January 4, 2012

if the shoe fits

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as of late i have been on quite a shoe binge.  you would think i didnt own one shoe before this month started.  for some reason, everywhere i turned there was an amaze sale going on that i could not pass up.  i bought flats, heels, wedges, boots, open toe (for the summer of course...) you name it i snatched them up.  with amaze sales comes the occasional 1/2 size too small or even 1/2 size too big.... but you figure youll make it work for the price!  here are some tips on making shoes bigger, smaller and more comfortable

making shoes bigger:
*   a shoe repair man can always stretch out your shoes.  they have a special machine to stretch those puppies out, which will usually take about 24 hours.  probably the most effective way to stretch out your shoes.
*  theres an archaic looking product out called a shoe stretcher, go figure.  these are inserted into shoes and can be wound to stretch length-wise or width-wise. 
*  wear thick thick socks and dance around the house with them on.  this will slowly stretch them out. 
making shoes smaller:
*  thick insoles will add a nice cushion and less room for your foot to move around.
*  heel guards will push your foot up and help them to stay in place. 
more comfort:
*  a slew of products are on the market and can be found in any drugstore to give a little oomph in the comfort of your poor feet.  foot petals have everything that you can think of to rescue the heels, balls and insoles of your feet.
*  everyone knows that the summer is notorious for tans, sun and blisters.  band aid has patches to put over any blister that will speed up the process of healing and protect it from the environment.  they also have a stick to roll over any area that will form a protective layer to cut down on any irritation.

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