Monday, October 31, 2011

diy wall art

i was lovin on this velvet paisley burnout wallpaper forever.  it was well out of my price range and i wouldn't know where to start with a wall papering project so i thought of the next best thing; fabric wall art!  this diy project rates easy on the difficulty scale and low on budget.  

to get started you will need:
wood frames: you can make your own by stapling or glueing four pieces of wood together to form the outer square.  if you don't have the resources to do this yourself you can always buy frames at the store and take out the glass.  mine are two 2x2 wood frames i stapled together.  however, you can use any size you like.
 a staple gun: this is always good to have on hand for any type of project
 fabric of your choice: i bought about 3 yards for two 2x2 frames (always get a bit extra in case of a mess up) 
one inch foam:  this can be found in any fabric store.  this is used to cushion the fabric from the wood.  

step 1: cut the foam into four strips so they hang over the base frame a bit
step 2: place the foam and fabric down (if you have a pattern, make sure it is centered)
step 3: starting with one side, staple the fabric into the base frame. 
step 4: staple the opposite side of the side you started with.  this makes it easier to pull the fabric tight.  repeat other two sides.
step 5: cut excess fabric
Voila! new hanging wall art

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