Thursday, November 3, 2011


color inspiration

sometimes a girl needs a makeover to revamp her inner vix.  my good friend kelly, shows that you don't need to go drastic to change your look.  kelly has gorgeous red hair and wanted a change without chopping it all off or going brunette.  she decided to add some updated ombre color to the tips of her locks, which shows a little bit goes a long way.

tony @ bella luci salon poughkeepsie ny

whenever you are changing your hair its always best to go to a professional.  bring lots of pictures and explain exactly what you want.  you can even call and have a consultation before your true appointment.  a good stylist will usually mend their work if you are not satisfied or if it didnt come out how you would have liked it to.  if its from a box, well, you get what you pay for.  tony @ bella luci salon in poughkeepsie ny, who specializes in color, mixed up a perfect peach shade and added foils to the ends of kelly's locks in just the right places.  after a wash and blow the final product is just amaze!

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m said...

orrr you can just spray the ends with hair in a can..that ron popeil was a genius