Tuesday, December 27, 2011

pop your collar

left to right: jewel collar blouse pixiemarket; sequin collar asos; sequin embellished silk shirt net-a-porter; sequin collar chiffon top new look; sequined shoulder sweater my wardrobe; sequin collar blazer piperlime

glitter and sequins have been put on just about anything and everything in stores.  from panties to skirts to sweater to handbags to phone cases.....  if the all over sparkle trend seems a bit over kill for your liking, adding a touch of glimmer and panache on to places least expected may fancy you better.  these shiny collars add just the right amount of gleam and will set you apart from the head to toe glitz numbers everyone else is wearing.  dont be afraid to add some shimmer to your shoulders either.


mary said...

i want the shoulder bling!

LV said...

I love a little sparkle. This is such a cute post!