Tuesday, December 20, 2011

for him...

the hardest people to buy for, in my opninoin, is men.  usually if they see something they want, they'll buy it on the spot.  women on the other hand, will usually go back in forth in their mind thinking of strategic outfits, parties and events they will wear or bring their purchase to.  hopefully this list helps in the thought process of what to get the man on your list.

the classic collar pin has been creeping back into style.  this safety pin looks amazing on and collar and transforms any dull suit into a mad men-esq feel.  just connect your collar to the pin under the tie.

this mudman edition gshock watch was made specifically for the man that likes to get down and dirty.   scratch, shock, mud and water resistant to 660 feet in depth, there's not much more you can ask for in a watch.

the best gifts are the ones that benefit you in some way, shape or form as well as benefitting the gift receiver.  this beard trimmer has a built in vacuum to catch all the hairs that you find in and around the sink.

swap out the hair tie or rubber band that holds all of his money together with this rubberized leather wallet by gucci.  small enough to fit easily in his back pocket and gets softer as it wears.

stranded on an island?  dropped off in the middle of a forest?  what man doesnt dream of becoming bear gryllis from man vs wild.  now he can, with this great stocking stuffer survival kit.

anything is better than white ankle socks and dress pants..... these are fun and festive socks that will add some fun into getting dressed. they also make for a great conversation piece!

one article of clothing you can bank on finding in a guys closet is a sweatshirt.  this hooded shawl collar gives a graduated look to replace his crew neck college swearshirt. 

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